Australia's top 10 podcasts in 2021

The 10 most downloaded yarns

Australians have a strong interest in true crime according to the Australian Podcast Ranker that was released today by technology services company, Triton. The Ranker, which lists the Top 100 podcasts downloaded by Australians in the month of June this year, covers topics as distinct as sports, finance, comedy and relationships.

Hitting number one and proving that Aussies don’t mind a gruesome mystery is the podcast Casefile published by Audioboom. Also making the top 10 as the second most downloaded podcast, is the comedy and lifestyle show Hamish and Andy, while at the bottom of the list in 10th position is Victoria Devine’s uniquely different financial advice serial, She’s On The Money. Here are the podcasts that made the top 10 from most downloaded to least downloaded:

 #1 Casefile True Crime by Audioboom

Credit: Audioboom

A podcast that proves that fact can be scarier than fiction. Casefile delves into some of the most shocking and nightmarish true crime cases in Australia as well as overseas.

Listen: If you’re a murder mystery buff, or you like hearing how serious criminals are tracked down by the police.

Avoid: If you don’t have a stomach for grizzly details and can’t stand accounts of real-life violence.

 #2 Hamish and Andy by SCA-LiSTNR

Credit: SCA-LiSTNR

A several laughs a minute show delivered by two of Australia’s most revered radio duos, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. No topic is too obscure for these jokers, with the pair discussing everything from Star Wars quotes to the etiquette of sneezing. They also pull hilarious and cringe-worthy on-air stunts.

Listen: If you want to hear trending news and events dissected with lots of humour.

Avoid: If you’re not into satire or if you feel like something more cerebral.

 #3 Stuff You Should Know by Australian Radio Network/ iHeartMedia

Credit: iHeartMedia

A podcast that deep dives into different topics about the world each week and tries to answer questions that don’t immediately have obvious answers. Some topics include: How Faraday cages work, and is the free radical theory wrong?

Listen: if you have an inquiring mind and love to know how the world works.

Avoid: If you don’t like variety and want to indulge a favourite topic each time you listen to a podcast.

 #4 The Kyle and Jackie O Show by Australian Radio Network/ iHeartMedia

Kyle and Jackie O talk mostly about celebrity gossip and trends – everything from the wildest Hollywood outfits to the most unusual celebrity baby names. The pair have a reputation that precedes them in the entertainment industry Down Under and overseas, so they tend to get a lot of A-list interviewees.

Credit: iHeartmedia

 Listen: If hearing about the minutiae of celebrity life appeals to you.

Avoid: If you’re not interested in superficial topics. 

#5 Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne by Australian Radio Network /iHeartMedia

Life Uncut can best be described as a dating podcast where the hosts navigate the ups and downs of modern relationships. To give you a glimpse of what’s up for discussion, recent episodes have seen the hosts ponder the different styles of conflict resolution and the issue of body dysmorphia.    

Listen: If you take a keen interest in relationship issues.

Avoid: If you’re not into the gory details of people’s intimate lives. 

#6 The Update by Nova

Credit: Nova

The Update covers the latest Australian and international world news, including politics, sports and entertainment headlines. Delivered in small 2-to-3-minute bite-sized podcasts that focus on a particular trending topic.

Listen: If you want to be updated with the latest news as it’s breaking.

Avoid: If you want to sink your teeth into longer, more in-depth news or analysis.

#7 7am by Schwartz Media

Credit: Schwartz Media

7am packages up the kinds of long-form news stories you would be likely to read in the Sydney Morning Herald or Australian newspapers, delivering them in episodes about 16 minutes in length. The reporting tends to be quite in-depth so expect to find out the “what and where,” as well as the “who and why,” in the stories featured in this podcast.

Listen: If you like political news and reporting and want to know the facts.

Avoid: If you’re looking for a podcast that is less political and more entertaining.

#8 SEN Breakfast by Sports Entertainment Network (SEN)

Credit: SEN

SEN Breakfast focuses on AFL coverage with topics of interest to a Melbourne Audience. The show’s hosts Garry Lion and Tim Watson present AFL insights and analysis with the help of interviews from players and coaches.

Listen:  If you are from Melbourne or if you’re really into AFL.

Avoid: If you live outside of Melbourne, since it may be too Melbourne-centric. 

#9 Triple M Rocks Footy AFL by SCA

Another AFL football podcast covering the best and the worst of the AFL season. The team calls live games and also provides pre and post-game coverage.

Listen: If you want to hear AFL games and pre and post-game breakdown of play.

Avoid: If you don’t like AFL.

#10 She’s On The Money by Australian Radio Network/ iHeartMedia

Credit: iHeartMedia

Millennial podcaster Victoria Devine takes a unique approach to money matters in this podcast by discussing real world issues that other financial podcasts tend to overlook.

Listen: If you want some real-world insight into better managing your finances.

Avoid: If you’d rather no-frills financial advice.

Where are the tech podcasts?

Credit: IDG

Sadly, no technology podcasts made Australia’s top list. But if you’re looking for one that covers all the latest tech news and analysis you can’t go past The Full Nerd, which is recorded and produced by PC World’s US team. In the latest episode of The Full Nerd, ep. 182, the PC World US team dissects the best and worst features of Windows 11.