Help Secure your System with Norton

We are living on the Internet. We are social. As a race we are constantly online. It’s that simple. In the age of the pandemic, 4.66 billion people use the Internet;  even more – 5.22 billion or two-thirds of the world’s population – use a mobile phone; and 4.2 billion are active social media users.

These staggering figures from the Digital 2021 Global Overview Report by Datareportal also highlight the vastness of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Never before has security been more important –  whether it be for the humblest home set-up or a complex business network. The ways users interact with their systems is continually changing and a stream of new software is continually being released and added to devices, creating endless new opportunities for threat actors.

It sounds frightening but sadly it isn’t an exaggeration. According to security giant, Norton, over the past year, 65 per cent of people around the world reported spending more time online than ever before, most likely a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As they connected to the Internet for everything from work and school to entertainment, socialising and even groceries, cybercriminals took advantage and launched coordinated attacks and convincing scams.

The recently released 6th annual Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report revealed in the past 12 months nearly 330 million people were victims of cybercrime and more than 55 million people were victims of identity theft. Cybercrime victims collectively spent nearly 2.7 billion hours trying to resolve their issues.

In Australia alone, 7.5 millions people were the victims of cybercrime. More than $3 billion was lost as a result by Australians. More than 61 million hours were lost, with Australians spending an average of 8.2 hours trying to resolve the issues created.

To counteract the growing number of unknown threats, some companies have begun incorporating sophisticated signature and AI behavioural-based algorithms into their antivirus solutions. 

These algorithms are more generic than the signature-based malware search engines in that they attempt to detect anomalous behaviours that indicate the presence of unknown threats, rather than the presence of known threats. 

Once suspicious behaviours are identified, the software can then attempt to prevent threats executing. But it does require high-quality specialised software and the free apps you may once have relied upon to secure your system may no longer cut it in today’s threat landscape.

And that’s where the security giant, Norton LifeLock, comes in. Norton has four comprehensive plans for users ranging from Standard to Premium with a special program for gamers. But when it comes to excellent overall protection for the household system and network then Norton 360 Deluxe delivers the complete package.

Norton 360 Deluxe provides comprehensive malware protection for up to three PCs, Mac, smartphones or tablets, a Secure VPN, SafeCam for PC, Password Manager and more. Secure VPN allows you to browse the Internet more securely and anonymously, even on public Wi-Fi. SafeCam alerts and helps users block unauthorised access to their PC’s webcam.

Highlights include:

  • Real-time Threat Protection – Advanced security with antivirus helps protect against existing and emerging online threats to your devices, and helps protect your private and financial information when you go online.
  • Secure VPN – Browse anonymously and more securely with a no-log Virtual Private Network (VPN). Add bank-grade encryption to help keep your information such as passwords and bank account details secure and private.
  • Dark Web Monitoring – Norton monitors and notifies users if it finds their personal information on the Dark Web.
  • Parental Control – Manage your kids’ activities online. Help them explore, learn, and enjoy their connected world more safely on their PCs or smartphones.
  • Password Manager –Tools to easily generate, store, and manage your passwords, credit card information and other credentials online more securely.
  • Privacy Monitor – Ensures personal information held online can’t be accessed by data broking companies.
  • 50GB PC Cloud Backup – Store important files and documents as a preventive measure against data loss due to hard drive failures, stolen devices and even ransomware.

Of course, malware is just one aspect of the problem. Phishing websites that seek to steal passwords and credit card numbers are also on the rise. Norton LifeLock found more than 1.4 million Australians were the victims of identity theft in 2020. 

So don’t risk it. Don’t risk being hacked. Don’t risk having your personal and financial information stolen. Don’t compromise on security. Invest in a good all-in-one package that will keep your home system secure. 

To keep your life online safer get Norton 360 Deluxe.