Experience is Everything: How to Delight Customers and Employees With High-Quality Wi-Fi

In modern business, the customer experience is everything. For small businesses with physical locations, providing an excellent wireless environment is no longer a nice-to-have, especially now that enterprise-grade, ultra-high-speed gigabit Wi-Fi is the standard for every business in a digital-first world.

Customers aren’t simply using fast wireless connectivity to browse the web, check email, and text on a single device. There are direct benefits to the business when the customer can interact with it over the Internet. For instance, increasingly, customers are using multiple devices for various applications on a single network. For example, a customer might use their smartphone to order food at their table while also working on their notebook and streaming music on their tablet. Or they might use their tablet to scan QR codes for more product information and their cell phone to sign up for promotions and discounts.

By presenting customers with online access over a Wi-Fi network that can handle high bandwidth consumption and interconnected devices, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can increase customer loyalty and, potentially, revenue. According to research by PWC, Australians are willing to spend 10 per cent more for good service. In the current business climate, a good customer experience is a major revenue opportunity.

A strong Wi-Fi network also enables employees to easily connect and get their work done. Point-of-sale (POS) terminals, printers, and smart TVs can all be securely connected to the network. There’s no need to run cable, and with modern, easy-to-use wireless solutions, there’s also no need to bring in a dedicated IT expert.

Reliable high-speed connectivity also enables next-generation customer applications and  services. In the office of a dentist or vet, for example, practitioners can always view patient records no matter what room they’re working from. A small law firm can provide secure access to legal documents for all attorneys. A hardware store can connect point of sale devices without worrying about the network going down.

But complicated technology often gets in the way of deploying a Wi-Fi network. In fact, research shows that while over 40 per cent of Australian SMEs believe that adopting smart technology will have the biggest impact on their business over the next few years, 31 per cent are struggling to keep pace with the technology opportunity.

Furthermore, there is a massive skills shortage in Australia. By 2025 Australia will need 156,000 new technology workers, and this shortage will disproportionately affect small businesses, as SMBs are already at a particular disadvantage when it comes to hiring IT staff. Even if they are available, many companies are too small to justify a dedicated IT person. And while third-party business will provide tech services on an as-needed basis, it’s not cheap. If a Wi-Fi network goes down, no one wants to wait until a tech arrives to fix it. 

Thankfully, Aruba Instant On’s wireless network solutions are designed to specifically address the needs of SMBs:

  • Simple set-up: Unbox the equipment and the network is ready to go in minutes, no technical expertise required.
  • Fast performance: Ultra high-speed gigabit Wi-Fi provides more than enough speed to power a responsive network that never lags.
  • Simple management: Easily connect devices to the wireless network, and manage it via a smartphone app from anywhere at any time.

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi is now within reach even for SMBs with little IT expertise, enabling small businesses to provide a high-quality digital experience to their customers and their employees.

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