Internode accelerates ADSL2+ rollout

Internode has increased its rollout of ADSL2+ broadband infrastructure with an additional 46 exchanges expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The South Australian-based ISP will increase its current 67 exchanges to 113 exchanges -- focused primarily along the east coast. This will include 14 extra exchanges in Melbourne, 12 in Sydney, eight in South Australia, seven in Brisbane and five in Canberra.

Although Internode did not announce any Tasmanian, Western Australian, or Northern Territory exchanges, national sales manager, Daryl Knight said the company would move into these regions once ADSL2+ backhaul providers offered affordable prices.

He said the deployment in the announced regions would not only meet ADSL2+ demand but would allow Internode to deliver Annex M once the extension had been approved by ACMA.

"The deployment of these extra ADSL2+ DSLAMs will increase our footprint and allow us to deliver more services up and down the east coast for both tail-end users and business partners," he said.

Internode expected the extra exchanges to provide good opportunity to deliver its Business Connect channel program to integrators and partners, Knight said.

"These DSLAM deployments gives us a lot more credibility on the east coast and lets us discuss with channel partners how we can assist them to deliver a solution to their customers," he said.