Fight the hackers

Designed to keep unwanted noses out of your system while it’s online, Kaspersky Anti-Hacker monitors the connection between your PC and the Internet. If it spots anything unscheduled going on, Anti-Hacker stops it, alerting the user to what’s happening in the process. Installation is simple and, after a restart, the program is in place.

As well as watching for incoming assaults, Anti-Hacker pops up whenever an application requests Web access (see here for a screenshot). Defining which programs can or can’t go online is relatively straightforward, and there are set guides for types of access — Web browser, instant messenger, and so on. At first these continued pop-ups can be annoying, but no more so than with similar programs.

Though Anti-Hacker can have beginners protected in a matter of minutes, there are some nifty features for advanced users. First, you can see exactly which ports are being used by each program, and you can track the IP addresses you are talking to at any given point. Unwanted connections can be broken with ease and there’s a log to keep track of blocked attempts at communication.

Sadly, while it appeared to work fine with our Ethernet router, Anti-Hacker admits to currently being incompatible with ADSL modems. Price: $72
Distributor: BuggFix
Phone: (08) 9279 3222