Macworld San Francisco 2004

This year’s event again saw Apple make some major announcements, including new cut-down iPod MP3 players (pictured), the iLife ’04 multimedia software bundle, and XServe rack servers with G5 processors. Microsoft also attended, showcasing its new Mac Office 2004.

Available in five colours, the iPod mini’s 102g anodised body packs in a 2.5cm, 4GB hard disk (believed to be from Hitachi) and connects to a PC or Mac using FireWire or USB 2.0 in conjunction with a new version of Apple’s iTunes music jukebox software. Local pricing wasn’t available at press time but the device is slated to retail for $US249 in the US; an Australian launch is expected to be in April. Apple also recently announced that the capacity for the baseline standard iPod has been increased from 10GB to 15GB, while the 40GB version drops in price to $799.

Apple has also updated its iLife software bundle. iLife ’04 will be bundled free with all new Macs and cost new users $79. The package consists of updates to the iPhoto photography and iMovie video editing components (neither is any longer available for free download), in addition to upgrades to iTunes and iDVD (DVD creation software). Most noteworthy is the new addition, GarageBand, that leverages Apple’s acquisition of Logic Audio developers, Emagic, by providing digital audio recording, looping and effects software with MIDI support for the growing market of home music recording.

Meanwhile, not only has Apple’s Xserve rack mount server been given a G5 processor, but an XServe RAID capable of storing up to 3.5TB of data was shown.

Vendor: Apple Australia
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