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MSI Australia and New Zealand Gaming Notebook

MSI designs and creates top-tier gaming gear for gamers.

Enter the dragon with MSI new 2021 laptops

MSI has roared into 2021, invoking the spirit of a legendary dragon and delivering a new range of laptops for both gaming and everyday use. At an online event, MSIology – The Ultimate Shockwave, the gaming giant brought the ancient Babylonian Ishtar Gate back to life, summoned the dragon, Tiamat, the mother of all gods, and in honour of its great strength and power launched a special Tiamat edition of its new GE76 Raider laptop.

MSI moves into business laptops

MSI has entered the business and lifestyle market with a new series of laptops it’s calling Lifestyle Essential and Power on the Go

Shining a light on creativity

MSI has long pushed the boundaries of invention with its ever-evolving range of laptops but it has now pulled off a world first with the new MSI Creative 17.

Top 10 things to consider when buying a laptop

Traditionally, choosing a laptop has been about compromise. You either chose a fast machine that was bulky, noisy and had poor battery life, a super-svelte ultraportable that looked great but struggled to even open large Excel files or found a middling all-rounder that excelled at nothing except exuding disappointment

Prestige 15 A10SC laptop review

Once upon a time MSI’s laptops were big, loud, gaudy and fast. Not now. Today’s range features outstanding models that are suited to performance-hungry gamers, portability-demanding road warriors, noise-intolerant designers and ergonomically-engrossed of office-based employees.


Even though the GT76 was designed with gaming in mind, it can definitely perform other tasks optimally, and as a digital artist this is especially handy.

MSI GE75 Brings World First GeForce® GTX 1070 in 17” Thin Bezel Laptop

​There are countless trends competing for attention in the gaming notebook and laptop space but not all of them are either useful or benefit the core gaming experience. A modern gaming laptop can be expensive so the last thing gamers want in a PC is gimmicks. What they do want is real-world value and extra-utility.

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