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Microsoft's Surface Pro 4

Microsoft's launch of Surface Pro 4 offers cutting edge technology, connectivity and mobility anywhere, any time.

Top 10 Things to Love about Surface Pro 4

​There are many laptops and convertibles on the market but few represent a full realisation of what a Windows-based convertible can be – a total marriage of Windows’ features with the hardware to make the most of it. This is why Microsoft made its own device, the Surface Pro, which is now in its fourth iteration.

Five reasons the Surface Pro 4 will replace your laptop

Since the launch of the original Surface Pro, the device has garnered its share of accolades and has seen several reiterations, each refining the last model. The latest, the Surface Pro 4, is effectively the apex of the product line. We finally have a device that everyone from a power user to a casual web browser can use as their day-to-day laptop, at a fraction of the size, a battery and processor boost and, of course, has a detachable keyboard that allows users to use it as a tablet – the best of both worlds.

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