Whodunnit™ Duo-Scope MFL-007 Microscope Kit

RRP: $63.99

The Whodunnit Duo-Scope microscope kit is a fun little educational toy that provides hours of fun in the Summer holidays for kids of all ages. The duco-scope allows you to view both slides and solid objects through a 10x widefield eyepiece, and can magnify 40x, 100x and 400x. It also features a dual LED and Black Light illumination with dual focusing knobs. The microscope is made of metal and has a stain-resistant enamel finish. The kit also comes from its own Whodunnit Experiment Guides, for the players to create crime scenarios, providing ideas for clues and evidence and outlines how to collect fingerprinting, liquid detection etc. No power cord is needed as the duo-scope operates on three AAA batteries, so you can take this nifty device with you on your beach holiday or when you’re camping out with the family.

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