Take Google Gears for a test spin with Google Reader

Learn how to use Google Gears for offline Web reading

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    Google Gears is definitely beta software. If you're willing to take the risk, click the Install Google Gears (BETA) button to download the installer. After installation, exit and restart the browser.
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    Next, browse to or open the Tools menu in your browser, and look for a Google Gears Settings option to confirm that the program is installed on your system.
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    To disable Google Gears, click Tools, Add-ons (in Firefox) or Tools, Manage Add-ons, Enable or Disable Add-ons (in IE 7). Or uninstall it via the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet.
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    To start the installation, log in to Google Reader at and click the Offline link at the top of the screen next to your user account e-mail address; or you can browse to
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    Log in to Google Reader and click the small green icon next to your user account e-mail address to cache feeds for reading offline. (Not all feeds contain the full article text for offline reading.)
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    Once you're back online, click the button next to your user account e-mail address (it's now a blue arrow) again to synchronize your cached reading history with the Google Reader server.
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