In Pictures: Sony's first OLED television

Sony's XEL-1, their first OLED television, is impressive new technology

  • Sony XEL-1 image 7.

  • The television goes on sale in Japan on Dec. 1
    It will cost YEN 200,000 ($AU1,933.24). Currently, there are no plans to sell the television outside Japan, as Sony plans to manufacture just 2,000 sets each month.
  • The XEL-1 will accept up to a 1080p video image
    That said, the 11in screen has a resolution of just 960 pixels by 540 pixels.
  • Sony XEL-1 image 6.

  • Advantages OLEDs have over LCD and PDP technology include:
    Wider viewing angles, faster response time and better contrast and colors.
  • One potential problem is that the OLED material degrades with use
    However, Sony said the XEL-1 has a viewing life of 30,000 hours, which allows a user to watch eight hours of television each day for 10 years.
  • OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode
    The reason the screen can be so thin is because no backlight is required: OLED materials, which are carbon-based, emit light on their own when an electric current is applied.
  • Sony XEL-1 image 8.

  • Sony XEL-1 image 9.

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