In Pictures: iPhone rival? Bang & Olufsen and Samsung's Serenata

In Pictures: Samsung's Serenata

  • The navigation wheel is intended to be used one-handed. All primary functions on the phone are controlled by the navigation wheel, including searching menus, dialing, writing and accessing music lists. The touch screen is secondary.

  • The handset has a built-in speaker and bass system, and can play amplified music for up to five hours through the speaker or for around 13 hours through a headset before requiring a battery charge.

  • Features:
    Users can send e-mail SMS (Short Message Service) text messages from the handset, and store up to 1,000 phone numbers in its address book. The phone allows users to create to-do lists, write in calendars, and has enough battery power for three hours of talk time. At 4GB the phone will be able to hold around 1000 songs.
  • The price of the phone has not yet been determined.

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