The revolutionary ASUS Eee PC

  • Pushing the boundaries
    Revolutionary in size and value the ASUS Eee PC hails as the "world's easiest PC". This slim Ultra Portable makes its debut appearance to an audience of those who are looking for an affordable, compact and simplistic notebook.
  • Educational
    "Easy to learn" -- the Eee PC, a lifestyle gadget designed for Internet access and learning.
  • It's a notebook!
    The Eee PC features all standard input devices including touchpad and a full-sized keyboard.
  • New technology
    The addition of a Solid State Drive (SSD) increases performance whilst conserving battery power, although capacity is somewhat restricted at this stage.
  • Straight shooter
    A simplistic, yet powerful custom interface is pre-installed on the Eee PC, which are divided into separate tabs pertaining to the task at hand.
  • The look
    The ASUS Eee PC is stylish as well as practical, clad with an all white exterior, it is a durable unit that stands out in the crowd.
  • Package deal
    Although lacking an optical drive, the Eee PC manages to function as a capable multi-purpose notebook.
  • Swift and nimble
    Weighing in at a diminutive 0.92kg, the Eee PC is the pinnacle of portability.
  • 12 Eeeducation
    King of the kids, the Eee PC is envisioned to be hugely popular in the education sector, a low initial cost and open-source software work in its favour.

  • The power
    Hailing from Linux roots, the Eee PC's Debian Linux core system will ensure that power users are also catered for. The Eee PC could deny its school-kid exterior through an active Linux development community.
  • Hit the road
    Precious portability, aided by the Eee PC's impressive battery life.
  • Bells & whistles
    Well connected -- USB ports, a multimedia card reader and VGA connectivity are all present on the Eee PC.
  • Simplicity in the making - Although not a multimedia powerhouse the Eee PC is a simple computer with comparable performance featuring a low-voltage Intel processor.

  • Keeping in touch
    Wireless LAN capability ensures that the Eee PC remains the perfect mobile companion, ideal for surfing the Web and checking e-mail.
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