Assassin's Creed In Pictures

  • Blending into the crowd, Altair utilises a number of discreet weapons to get the task done. For distance shots a handful of throwing knives provide a convenient instant kill with the flick of the wrist.

  • Each city is filled with non-player characters that Altair must navigate. Moving is divided into low and high profile modes. High profile moves, like the "tackle" manoeuvre, attract more attention but get you around faster. Low profile moves help blend you into the crowd but take longer getting from A to B.

  • The combat system is a combination of counter attacks and well timed offensive blows, which can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it's better to just run!

  • Each city in Assassin's Creed, including Damascus and Jerusalem, has been built using historical data, where available. Visiting hard to reach vantage points on high buildings around each city opens up new areas of the map for exploration.

  • Outside the city walls Altair can roam the kingdom on horseback. Typically the Kingdom is just a means of passage from one city to the other, but additional goals lay in waiting, too.

  • The hidden blade is Altair's most deadly weapon. Like a cat's claw it retracts and extends as needed, allowing stealth kills within a crowd. Combined with Altair's acrobatic skills the hidden blade is a formidable weapon.

  • Guards on the ground can be a chore, but it’s the archers on the roofs that really cause the trouble.

  • Altair is the eagle. If his acrobatic antics across the rooftops aren’t enough to prove it, the Ubisoft team has tailored his attire to mimic an eagle’s beak and wings.

  • Ubisoft's biggest and latest release uses one of the most innovative engines available, allowing your character Altair to roam freely from rooftop to rooftop.

  • The leap of faith!
    When Altair finds himself above a haystack he can launch off in a leap of faith, only to land safely at the bottom.
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