2007's most offensive computer games

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Manhunt 2

Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar doesn't deserve the publicity this mediocre sequel garnered, but publicity it nonetheless received in spades, mostly after sales of the game were banned here in Australia and several other countries and it was initially given an AO (Adults Only) rating in the US.
Players have to perform visually detailed executions (styled as "hasty," "violent," or "gruesome") using objects at hand. These include shards of glass to slit throats, toilet seats to bludgeon, and hypodermic needles to jab enemies in the neck.
What's most offensive about Manhunt 2 isn't its violence but its cruddy gameplay: Poor AI, boring environments, and blurry execution animations make Manhunt 2 a shoo-in for the year's "Sound and Fury" award.
For: Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable; Developer: Rockstar Games; Publisher: Rockstar Games

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2007's most offensive computer games

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