2007's most offensive computer games

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Resistance: Fall of Man

Insomniac's critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic sci-fi shooter was actually a late 2006 PlayStation 3 launch title, but it wasn't until this summer that the offensiveness hit the fan.
That's when representatives of the Church of England got publicly huffy over a certain gun battle that takes place inside a realistic rendition of the Manchester Cathedral.
Their argument? "The use of [the cathedral] as a backdrop for a violent computer game is an affront to all those whose lives have been affected by guns." You could argue that the church leaders are being a little touchy -- after all, it's not actually a church, it's an unblessed, unconsecrated digital replication. Maybe they'll take comfort in this: at least in Resistance you're shooting aliens to save humanity, and not targeting churchgoers for sport.
For: PlayStation 3; Developer: Insomniac Games; Publisher: Sony

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2007's most offensive computer games

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