Best of both worlds – Blu-ray & HD-DVD dual-format players

  • The format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD has caused a lot of problems for the adoption of high-definition video. Fortunately, companies such as LG have come up with a solution – dual-format players.

  • The most important benefit is simple – users can play both HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies, ensuring that they'll be able to watch each and every movie released in high definition, without having to worry about which studios are currently on which side of the format war!

  • The BH100 was the first dual-format player to be released, however with the upcoming launch of the BH200, it has been discontinued.

  • The BH200, due to be released by LG in Australia in March this year, is just such a player. Capable of playing both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs.

  • Despite a considerably higher price, dual-format players deliver convenience by combining two players into a single box.

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