Artistic representation of the threats lurking on the World Wide Web

Here we show you an artistic image of the online security threats which wreak havoc on the online world.

  • My Doom
    While it might look like some kind of exotic plant, this image is a representation of an e-mail worm.
    The idea of this visual campaign was developed by communications agency Rapier, and commissioned and launched by MessageLabs to show an artistic representation of the online security threats.
  • Phishing
    Another exotic looking plant, this virus asks for account notification.
    According to Jos White, chief marketing officer and co-founder of MessageLabs, “We scan billions of Web pages, e-mail and IM messages each day so being the first company to develop these visually arresting ‘mug shots’ of the online offenders which we destroy on a daily basis has been an enlightening process. The campaign illustrates in a very powerful way the wide range of threats that are out there and the need for effective defences against them."
    The following images, while pretty, can cause you lots of grief if you were to come across them.
  • Sex dating
    Text/HTML spam
  • Rogueware
    Fake anti-spyware program
  • Phishing for details
    Looking all cute, blue and fluffy this sneaky virus gets your details by asking you to confirm your online account details.
    Normally you can't see a virus and so don't really find it a threat. In this 3D visual representation created by digital artist Alex Dragulescu, he was able to create the images by entering a sample of the actual code from each online threat into a proprietary computer program and combining his artistic talent with the end result.
  • Storm worm
    Storm worm Nuwar and Zhelatin
  • Snotty virus
    File infector virus
  • Post card
    A malicious e-card
  • Trojan
    Encoded Trojan
  • Keylogger Trojan
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