Slideshow: An insight into the Woz

Apple co-founder and icon Steve Wozniak visited Australia last week to deliver a speech on how technology will continue to enhance our lives. Woz, as he is affectionately known as, is not shy in coming forward. On any topics. Here we gathered a collection of bite sized snippets that we found to be insightful and down right amusing.

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Designing simple technology: Technology can be expensive. For example when I was young I could not afford a single chip. So all I could do was design on paper. I made up a game, because you get bored: How can I design it better than I did before? How can I use fewer parts. It was a little game that I made up and I played it for about two years. I would design every computer that was made for manufacture over and over and I would reduce the parts. It turned out that was really good practice because it taught me. I came to value the simplicity, the fused parts, the directness of solving a problem... The best things I did at Apple were because I didn’t have that much money and I had to think in terms of making things simple. And because I had never done it before. I just wanted to be an inventor and find the better way that other people had found before me.

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Slideshow: An insight into the Woz

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