Slideshow: An insight into the Woz

Apple co-founder and icon Steve Wozniak visited Australia last week to deliver a speech on how technology will continue to enhance our lives. Woz, as he is affectionately known as, is not shy in coming forward. On any topics. Here we gathered a collection of bite sized snippets that we found to be insightful and down right amusing.

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The Apple iPhone –dislikes: I was really disappointed when the iPhones were introduced. Half the phones in the ATT store were 3G phones. And I had 3G phones and non 3G phones and I was shocked because Apple’s bringing the full Internet and it is not 3G and I knew it would be a speed detriment. I’ve sufficed with it in a lot of cases and whenever it gets to where things are loading too slowly …I go to [3G card] laptop...I was surprised because Apple normally is into future technology. It’s finding where the world’s going to go and trying to be one jump ahead. So I’m disappointed it [3G] wasn’t there from day one.

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Slideshow: An insight into the Woz

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