Slideshow: An insight into the Woz

Apple co-founder and icon Steve Wozniak visited Australia last week to deliver a speech on how technology will continue to enhance our lives. Woz, as he is affectionately known as, is not shy in coming forward. On any topics. Here we gathered a collection of bite sized snippets that we found to be insightful and down right amusing.

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Microsoft taking over Yahoo: I actually think it will probably be a good thing. Yahoo’s been struggling for a number of years to basically be as exciting, interesting and innovative as Google. And I think that will put it in a better framework… There’s a lot of things you can criticize Microsoft for but I don’t really see them as being evil. I think they really want to do in a business sense what makes them the most money… and that usually involves efficiencies in business and I think that is what the Yahoo deal will amount to.

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Slideshow: An insight into the Woz

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