Google Transit

  • The service is still due to be fully enabled for Perth, using information from public transport company Transperth. While Transit was demonstrated for travelling around central Perth, public online access is currently limited.

  • Google’s example search of a bus route within Guildford in the UK gives comprehensive instructions, including necessary walking distances and times.

  • When trying to find information, though, the Transit search reports that the service is still yet to be included.

  • Google Transit is the multinational’s newest project, focusing on integrating public transit timetables and information into its Google Maps service. It is being trialled in Australia, with only Perth partially covered at the moment.

  • The default search page still gives the option to include other Australian cities, and pops up suggestions for search terms.

  • The interface is a cross between the traditional Google Maps window and a double Google search bar. As well as this, you’re given an option to select a departure or arrival time, with the current time set as a default.

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