Bug Labs BUG

A modular, open-source gadget that allows users to create their own combinations of plug-in modules.

  • The large range of expandability, along with the open-source software project, means that the BUG’s possibility for innovation is almost limitless.

  • The main BUGbase has four slots in which any combination of modules can be inserted, and features USB, Ethernet, an MMC slot, and a small LCD display with several buttons for general user control.

  • The BUGlocate is a GPS module, with a small in-built antenna and a socket for a larger one to be externally connected.

  • An updated version of the BUG bundle will go on sale in the US during April, and information on Australian release and sales is expected soon.

  • The BUGcam module is a 2-megapixel camera, with in-built flash. As an example it can be used with the BUGmotion motion detector, to create a movement-sensitive video camera.

  • The BUGview module is a 2.5in LCD screen, which has touch-screen capability. This offers the functionality of a laptop-style trackpad, as well as a screen for viewing and manipulating content.

  • Bug Labs’ BUGmotion sensor works as both a motion detector and an accelerometer, able to be used for measuring speed, acceleration, and movement. When combined with the GPS module, software will be able to constantly record and report accurate information on the location, speed and direction of an object.

  • With the BUGlocate GPS module and the BUGcam camera, for example, software will automatically make a GPS location marker whenever a photograph is taken, adding a new level to the concept of ‘travel photos’.

  • The Bug Labs BUG is a modular, open-source gadget that allows users to create their own combinations of plug-in modules, and then customise software to take advantage of the functionality offered.

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