Panasonic's new Lumix cameras

  • The DMC-FS20 is practically identical to its lower-priced sibling, the DMC-FS5. The only discernable difference is a larger LCD display; up from 2.5 to 3 inches. Both models come equipped with an identical 30mm Leica lens with 4x optical zoom and a 10.1Mp CCD sensor (capable of capturing stunning high-definition images at a resolution of 1290x1080 pixels). For more information, take a look at our full-length review

  • With its high-quality Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens and 8.1Mp sensor, the DMC-FS3 is an excellent choice for casual photographers. The 33mm lens comes equipped with a 3x optical zoom, while the integrated iA technology will ensure your shots are always well focused and correctly exposed. The DMC-FS3 will be available from March for a recommended retail price of $219. To read more about the DMC-FS3, check out our comprehensive review.

  • The DMC-FX36 is an impressive mid-range compact camera combining good quality 10Mp images with a smooth design. Like the rest of the Lumix range, it includes iA and automatic exposure modes, which are designed to pick the best combination of camera settings to suit your situation. You can read more about the DMC-FX36 by clicking on this link

  • By the time you read this, Panasonic will have launched seven new Lumix cameras, ranging from user-friendly ultra-compacts, to versatile wide-angle models aimed at globe-trotting travelers. All of the cameras share one thing in common — exceptional ease of use. To see all the latest models, specs and features, check out the following slideshow.

  • The DMC-TZ11 is a premium-priced 8.1Mp camera. Aimed at travellers, it packs in a huge 10x optical zoom supported by optical image stabilisation, as well as a 28mm wide-angle lens with Panasonic's array of iA modes. For the complete rundown on the DMC-TZ11, click here

  • DMC-FS20 LCD detail

  • Intelligent Auto face-detection mode.

  • The DMC-LS80 is an 8.1Mp compact camera geared towards entry-level users. It comes equipped with a 3x optical zoom lens and Enhanced Blur Suppression for super-crisp images. Like every new camera in the Lumix range, the DMC-LS80 features an advanced version of Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto (iA) mode. This is a highly effective camera tool that adjusts specific settings (such as scene modes and ISO sensitivities) to suit a particular environment — leaving you free to instantly point and shoot. The DMC-LS80 should be available now, and comes with an RRP of $219. For the full low-down, check out our in-depth review.

  • The DMC-FS5 represents the mid-range offering in Panasonic’s FS Lumix series. It sports the same 10.1Mp sensor found on the DMC-FS20 and the smaller LCD screen found on the DMC-FS3. You can find out more about the DMC-FS5 by reading our review.

  • DMC-TZ11 product detail.

  • DMC-FS3 lens detail

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