The 7 crappiest games of this generation

As we approach the middle era of seventh generation consoles, we list the most miserable games released so far. Dodge these stinkers at all costs. Don't let the following countdown numbers confuse you: these games are all trash.

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1. Balls of Fury (Wii

Topping our list of the crappiest games this generation (so far) is Balls of Fury, a senseless and uncontrollable Wii game that exudes revulsion. It, like number four on our list, is licensed movie trash. You might think it would be difficult to botch ping pong controls on Wii, given the system's intuitive reliance on motion. But developer Black Lantern managed to do just that, with controls more broken than Windows Vista compatibility. For that reason, Balls of Fury finds itself number one our list: the most obscenely annoying, frustrating, and downright retarded game of a generation.
And you thought E.T. on the Atari 2600 was bad.

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The 7 crappiest games of this generation

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