Honlai's Super-Mini Projectors

A look at some new miniature projector concepts

  • The MP100 is only as big as a human hand, measuring around 7.5cm wide by 10cm long.

  • Using LCoS technology — 'liquid crystal on silicon' — the MP100 is able to reduce the size of the projection element drastically, allowing for miniaturised components.

  • The projector uses a five watt LED to output an image with a contrast ratio of 200:1 and a brightness of around 15 lumens.

  • The Honlai MP100, shown here as a concept render with an included cradle, is able to produce a 37in picture at a resolution of 640x480.

  • The MP101 is a similar concept, with an in-built 2 Watt speaker and an iPod dock integrated for watching video on the go.

  • Another look at the Honlai MP101.

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