In pictures: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (PS3)

Shiny lights and angry aliens…

  • The Strogg are slightly different to the Nazis…

  • Team work is vital, with the different classes available to each side important for victory. The medic is every player’s best friend.

  • Moving on from both the original Quake series as well as the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory series, which saw Americans and Germans battle it out in World War 2, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will pit the alien Strogg invaders against the last bastion of human civilization — the GDF (Global Defense Force).

  • Many of the things that made ET great, such as strategic team work and bombardment, are present in the game.

  • The futuristic shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is coming to the PlayStation 3, and fans are looking forward to a game that can truly test the hardware.

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