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Beijing Olympics 2008 — July 8

The Scoop: Beijing Olympics 2008; By: Eurocom; From: Sega; For: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360; Rating: Everyone; ETA: July 8
Info: The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing receive a realistic sports-simulation treatment, with career and online modes that cover 32 national teams and 38 events, including such disciplines as shooting, weightlifting, kayaking, judo, and archery.
Matt: The 2008 Summer Olympics don't launch until a month after this one hits the streets. Think of it as training for the media deluge that will jam the airwaves for two weeks starting on August 8. Multievent games typically discard depth to pack in as much lateral content as possible, and developer Eurocom's track record isn't exactly glowing. (Anyone remember Athens 2004?) Still, if you're up for a little virtual track and field, it's either this or Sega's mediocre Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.
Darren: What, no "Olympic Protest" mode? Cheap jabs aside, I know some people will flock to this hoping that jamming the A button can replace a lifetime of couch potato-ing, but I don't think this game will score even a bronze medal. What bums me out is that the game play here probably hasn't evolved since the old Summer Games and Winter Games titles from the 1980s (as great as those were).

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