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As the great 20th Century philosopher Will Smith so famously said, the summer months are a "time to sit back and unwind". We couldn't agree more.

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The Wave

The Wave is a cool hybrid skateboard product that offers a unique sort of ride. Instead of getting on and pushing off with your feet, you shimmy your body in a wave like motion to get going; it's sort of like surfing on concrete. The board has two independent parts that are connected by a torsion rod and freely rotating wheels, which allows for some fancy moves that you can't do on a traditional skateboard; it sounds weird but trust us, it can be tons of fun, especially once you get the hang of it. You might not be as good as some of the hardcore Wave riders featured in the video below but even if you just get on and ride for fun, it's still a cool way to get around.
Price: USD$79.00

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