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As the great 20th Century philosopher Will Smith so famously said, the summer months are a "time to sit back and unwind". We couldn't agree more.

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Toshiba X205-SLi6 Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are sort of like the Swiss Army knives of the computing world: not only can they run the latest games but you can also use them to write up your term papers or your TPS reports. They also sport huge screens, have tons of memory, feature fast graphics as well as high-octane CPUs, which also makes them good for other things like watching movies, video editing and writing code. There are a lot of boutique vendors who make awesome systems but don't overlook units from companies like Toshiba. Their X205-SLi6 lappie comes loaded with three gigs of RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo proc, and nVidia's slick SLI Dual GeForce 8600M GT video hardware. That, along with the 17-inch screen will help ensure that your games and movies look their best. Oh, and all that "work" you'll be doing on it will look great too.
Price: USD$1449 (base); USD$2449 (tested configuration)

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