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As the great 20th Century philosopher Will Smith so famously said, the summer months are a "time to sit back and unwind". We couldn't agree more.

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We know what you're thinking: this is an education toy and you don't want to learn when you could be doing something else like watching TV, playing video games or going to the mall with your friends, right? Look, we get that. But that doesn't mean that the EyeClops isn't a damn cool toy, even if it will-SHOCK!-teach you something in the process. This electronic microscope hooks up to your TV and magnifies objects up to 200x, letting you see details that the human eye normally misses. It's a neat toy that's sure to prove popular with parents and kids alike-it's educational but a heck of a lot of fun to boot. So not only can you wile away your summer hours using the EyeClops to have fun, you can get a leg up on all of your classmates who'll no doubt just sit on their butts melting their brains with crappy TV.
Price: USD$49.99

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