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As the great 20th Century philosopher Will Smith so famously said, the summer months are a "time to sit back and unwind". We couldn't agree more.

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MyVu Crystal

Okay, we know that the summertime is all about hanging out with your friends and family but every now and again, you just need some alone time. As in, 'leave me the hell alone' alone time. This is when the MyVu Crystal comes in handy. This wearable display lets you watch movie files that you've downloaded to your favorite MP3 player-hello iTunes and episodes of Lost!-in completely privacy; it projects the image in front of your eyes and includes earbuds that help block outside noise. It's the perfect way to pass the time on plane trips and to get away from your nagging parents on family outings. Plus, it'll totally make you look like some sort of person from the future.
Price: USD$299.99

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