20 cool third-party iPhone apps

Mobile applications to make both your work and social lives easier.

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Nuance's voice search software: While the iPhone has revolutionized the way we surf the Web on mobile devices, it can initially pose problems for new users who aren't used to typing on such a compact space. Nuance is now working on bringing its voice recognition technology to the iPhone to drastically reduce the need for users to peck away at qwerty keyboards. It works like this: you launch the application from the iPhone startup menu, you click on a "speak" button once the application launches, you verbally tell the program what you want to search for, and then you click "stop." The program will then translate your words into text and perform an Internet search for you. You can watch demonstrations of the software, which is still a prototype, on the Nuance Web site (http://www.nuance.com/mobilesuite/jumppage.html).

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