In pictures: Metal Slug 7

The classic run and gun gets set for the small screen

  • My daddy always told me to walk softly and carry a big laser-rifle, just in case I have to destroy a 2-D tank.

  • No matter how many lower-level grunts you mow down, eventually you’ll be forced to face — Upper-Middle Management! Also known as Bosses.

  • A range of “Slugs”, which is fancy talk for vehicles, will be available to players. The ability to blast pesky enemies in a veritable beast of a machine (miraculously repairable by canteens of petrol) may be unfair and mean, but it’s undeniably fun.

  • If Mario was smarter, he’d quickly realise that this is the only way to get gold coins in platform games!

  • From Garbage Island to the Fortress of Ruins, Metal Slug 7 is the first of the Metal Slug games to hit the Nintendo DS. The second screen will provide an overview map that will allow players to get a better bearing on their location — very useful for when you need to evade giant rolling balls of death.

  • Everyone’s favourite farcical shooter is set to hit the Nintendo DS on 22 July in Japan. Well known to practically anyone that has ever seen the inside of a gaming arcade, the Metal Slug series combines rolling action and quasi-Nazi storm troopers to be a timeless classic.

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