LinuxWorld's Garage

From Lego robots to hammers and nails, Linux gets embedded

  • Children in Ghana look over the Talking Book Device, which can record and store audio for playback.

  • The OpenMoko touch screen device is built entirely on an open platform. It can serve as a phone, but applications can be added that will turn the device into just about anything such as a remote to control other devices.

  • The small Talking Book Device, which is a bit smaller than a softball, is targeted at helping distribute critical information to people in impoverished areas.

  • The Linuxstamp module, here equipped with a wireless transmitter as part of a simple robot, has an embedded Linux OS and can be the foundation for building other electronics.

  • The computing industry is familiar with the low-cost lab known as the garage, a historic hot-bed for innovation, and this week LinuxWorld had its own "garage" to showcase embedded Linux. In this slideshow we take a look at where the technology is headed.

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