The Icon A5 -- a flying car?

An amphibious aeroplane that fits on the back of a truck.

  • Now people with a spare $160,000 can choose to buy the Icon A5 — a two-seater aeroplane that can land and take off from land and water despite having an interior that resembles a passenger car’s!

  • When its wings are folded up the A5’s total width is a tiny 2.5m, and the whole thing is powered by a single 100 horsepower Rotax 912 ULS Engine, which is roughly the same level of horsepower as found in a Holden Barina — except the Barina can’t fly 300 nautical miles.

  • Available for order even before it had its first flight, the Icon A5 was built to take advantage of recently relaxed rules on “Sports Pilot” licences in the US. These make hobby flying in small aircraft cheaper and are easier to get than regular pilots licence.

  • The flight controls are designed to be easy to use and understand. It may look like the inside of a car, but that’s because in the US a pilot can go from road driver to 'sport aircraft' pilot in just over a week if they have the 20 hours to spare.

  • The plane with a carbon-fibre airframe is versatile enough to take off and land from water, which makes it perfect for those weekend getaways (or getaways from harbour-side bank robberies if you’re that way inclined).

  • Cruising along strangely green waters for its maiden test flight, the A5 seemed to work effectively without breaking apart or getting soggy like a paper aeroplane.

  • The Icon A5 finally flying.

  • The Icon A5

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