Running on AIR: Great office apps you can get now

There aren't many robust business applications powered by Adobe's new rich Internet application platform yet, but we found a few gems you can download right now

  • Site description: WagerWidget with one click lets you view the lines, spreads and "over/under" across three of the most influential sports books in the world.

  • Site description: Pronto is a Flash framework that delivers a unified communications experience to users in a single dashboard.

  • Site description: Portfolio Viewer is a Flash-based desktop application for tracking the performance of your financial investments.

  • Site description: AgileAgenda will automatically set the start and end dates of each of your tasks based upon the available information, such as task priority, resource availablility and estimated durations. In addition, it has some intelligence about what the current date is and how that relates to the schedule.

  • Site description: Doomi's creator plans to add the capability to sync with cloud computing services.

  • Site description: Kinetik is an ERP application that provides customer needs analysis and is reportedly compatible with most of the databases and operating systems in the market.

  • Site description: ScripKeepR lets you archive human-readable documents into a database so you can search through them and recreate them as files if need be.

  • Site description: Klok is a tool intended to be used by individuals who have a need to track the time they spend on projects, tasks or anything else, for that matter.

  • Site description: Ora Time and Expense -- a small application for tracking and generating time sheets, expense reports and invoices -- was the winner of Adobe AIR Developer Derby Best Business HTML Application.

  • Site description: With BI Widgets users can quickly and easily search and access BI content and create personal dashboards on their desktop. It connects to one or more BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.0 systems through standard Web services.

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