Apple announces new iPod nano and iPod touch

New version of iTunes, too.

  • The touch also comes with a Nike + iPod receiver built-in, though you’ll still have to purchase the shoe transmitter in order to use this feature.

  • Apple has announced a refresh of two of its most popular iPods, the iPod touch and iPod nano, along with a new version of its iTunes music software.

    Both new iPods are compatible with iTunes' new Genius feature: an automated playlist function that allows you to select a song and then let iTunes create a playlist of songs that will work well together.

    The second-generation iPod touch features a thinner profile and dedicated volume controls, mirroring those seen on the iPhone 3G. The new touch comes in 8GB ($329), 16GB ($419) and 32GB ($549) models.

  • The nano, now in its fourth generation, is the thinnest model yet and comes in nine different colours — silver, grey, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink.

  • Available in 8GB ($199) or 16GB ($279) models, the new nano features an accelerometer and a shake to shuffle function.

  • The new nano will feature games that make use of its accelerometer.

  • The touch has a built-in speaker. The new Apple Earphones have integrated playback controls and a microphone.

  • Voice recording is a new feature; the included headphones feature a microphone as well as playback and volume controls.

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