The 28 best Wii games!

Nintendo's most popular home console since the 16-bit era is providing some amazing new gameplay experiences. Here's 28 games no Wii fan should miss.

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#24: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Will shooting zombies ever get old? Not if companies keep making games like Umbrella Chronicles. A spin-off of the classic survival horror franchise, Resident Evil, Umbrella Chronicles is an on-rails light-gun shooter oozing with atmospheric tension and dread; the gory zombie busting action will keep you entertained long into the night and there are plenty of secrets to uncover. Best of all, it makes perfect use of the Wii Remote's point-and-shoot capabilities. Our suggestion to you: turn down the lights, turn up the sound and play through the game with a friend. Killing zombies is much more fun and survivable if you have someone watching your back.

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