The 28 best Wii games!

Nintendo's most popular home console since the 16-bit era is providing some amazing new gameplay experiences. Here's 28 games no Wii fan should miss.

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#11: Mario Strikers Charged

It doesn't matter if you live for soccer or you think that a shinguard is a really tiny guard that protects lower legs, Mario Strikers Charged is some of the most fun to be had on the Wii. There's a reason we're still playing Mario Strikers Charged here in at GamePro HQ, well over a year since it's arrived in our office. The fast paced arcade play is extremely balanced, with every character offering distinct advantages and disadvantages. The items are set at the exact right power — good enough to provide a potential advantage, but still something that can be overcome with enough skill. Charged is the best arcade style soccer game we've ever played.

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