The 28 best Wii games!

Nintendo's most popular home console since the 16-bit era is providing some amazing new gameplay experiences. Here's 28 games no Wii fan should miss.

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#23: Trauma Center Second Opinion

The cold hard fact is that 90% of you will never be doctors and for good reason: a) it's freaking hard work and b) you're not qualified to save people's lives (seriously, we wouldn't trust you to put a band-aid on our finger much less root around in our guts). So it's a good thing that the Trauma Center series exists because you can try your hand at the whole life-saving thing from the safety of your living room without fears of malpractice lawsuits. Second Opinion is basically a remake of the DS title, Under the Knife, but it adds slick Wii Remote functionality into the mix. It's completely over the top but it's ridiculous amounts of fun; you can't call yourself a gamer until you've carefully removed shards of glass from some poor schmuck's spleen with a pair of forceps. It's just too bad you can't also bill the guy for your services and buy a virtual Lamborghini so you can cruise around town with your hot trophy wife.

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