The 28 best Wii games!

Nintendo's most popular home console since the 16-bit era is providing some amazing new gameplay experiences. Here's 28 games no Wii fan should miss.

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#3: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

How do you ensure a successful console launch, especially when said console features a unique control scheme that is completely different from one that gamers have become accustomed to? Step one is to bundle a fantastic game-Wii Sports-into the box and step two is to release a title from one of the most beloved franchises in all of gaming. That was the one-two punch combination that Nintendo employed to ensure the Wii's success. Originally pegged as a GameCube release, The Big N did the smart thing and went back to the drawing board with Twilight Princess and included Wii Remote functionality. Of course, a lesser company would have botched the job, leading to a messy final product that no one would have enjoyed. But this is Nintendo we're talking about: all they did was take a game that would have been great anyway and added a layer of complexity that made Link's epic adventure even better. The Legend of Zelda franchise is so revered that anything less than an instant classic would have been seen as a failure: thankfully, Twilight Princess lives up to the high bar set by previous titles. It's an absolutely stunning game, with gorgeous graphics, clever level designs and a great dose of action. What makes Twilight Princess even more noteworthy is that it opens up a brand new chapter in the series in terms of potential; just imagine what the next Zelda title, completely designed with the Wii in mind, will look and play like.

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