Great gadgets for the digital nomad

If your workspaces include airports, hotel lobbies and coffee shops, these devices can help.

  • At 1.5 pounds and powered by a lithium ion battery, Planon's Printstik PS910 is a go-anywhere print shop.

  • The Fellowes Monitor Filter will prevent those around you from seeing what's on your screen.

  • Zagg's InvisibleShield keyboard cover can keep a spill from turning into a digital disaster.

  • Voltaic's solar backpack puts out 4 watts of juice, has its own battery and comes with 11 power tips.

  • Belkin's Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger turns a single AC outlet into three.

  • HP's 5.3-ounce iPaq 910 Business Messenger smart phone can link with an 802.11b/g Wi-Fi network.

  • Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen can play back exactly what was said and when by pressing the pen to any place in your notes.

  • Meritline's Ultimate Cable Kit can make the connection with retractable FireWire, USB, telephone and Ethernet cables and all the tips needed.

  • Aliph's Jawbone Bluetooth headset uses advanced digital signal processing technology to block out the racket going on around you.

  • Pure Digital's Flip Mino weighs 3.3 ounces, but can capture a whole hour of TV-quality clips at 640-by-480 resolution and 30 frames a second.

  • Solio's Magnesium portable solar charger has three photovoltaic solar panels that slide out to provide up to 8 watts of power.

  • IOGear's GearJuice kit includes a power adapter and seven tips, along with a 2,000 milli-amp hour battery.

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