What the fork? Gordon Ramsay game gets PG rating

Nothing is more wholesome than allowing a profane Scot into your home to belittle your child’s virtual cooking skills.

  • Somehow we don’t think he’s saying “Good job”.

  • Printable recipes from Ramsay himself! It’s helpful but then again you’ve never loved Gordon for his cooking.

  • There are many useful tips from the successful restaurateur himself, but you’ll never be as successful as him.

  • A daily rating shows the restaurant's progress along a 35-day path in which the player must attain a steady Five-Star rating. Don’t let this screenshot fool you: the only way you’re getting a perfect score is if Gordon Ramsay is taken ill with a stomach-eating virus and replaced by Barney the Dinosaur.

  • Unlock special recipes, including the “F@#$K-Off Pudding”.

  • The PC version of the game is single player, but the Wii version will include a multiplayer mode in which two players run competing kitchens.

  • Players manage a new restaurant’s kitchen and dining room in an effort to advance its reputation and satisfy Gordon Ramsay.

  • To the shock of many, a video game tie-in to the popular Hell’s Kitchen TV series has been rated PG. Developed by Ludia in association with Ubisoft, the video game utilises the successful formula demonstrated in the American TV show. The show is particularly famous for Ramsay’s use of profanities. The game, which features censored swearing, has received a PG classification. The game is currently downloadable for the PC for $29.95, and will be released later this month for the Nintendo Wii and DS.

  • Players interact with an accurate 3-D rendering of the kitchen set from the TV show, with Gordon Ramsay always looking on. It’s those eyes…

  • Options are few but there's fun to be had.

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