Cool mobile phones that are coming soon

Nifty designs, snazzy interfaces, and music and video galore: We give you the skinny on a dozen trend-setting mobile phone models that are slated to debut soon in the US and elsewhere.

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Xperia X1's Unique Windows Mobile Interface

Another handset slated to hit North America later in 2008 is Sony Ericsson's sleek Xperia X1, the first product to be marketed under the Xperia subbrand. Encased in a stainless steel body, the phone features a 3-inch VGA touch screen with a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard. Sony Ericsson touts the Xperia as being as adept for work as it is for play, with a wide range of enterprise and entertainment features. Just as HTC did, Sony Ericsson is introducing its own overlay to Windows Mobile. Xperia Panels UI allows users to customize up to nine desktop screens with their favorite content and applications.

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Cool mobile phones that are coming soon

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