inFamous prepares for a shocking debut

The electric everyman heads to the PS3.

  • inFamous heads to the PlayStation 3 on 1 May, 2009.

  • Apparently, bonding with electricity means you spend a lot of time on rooftops.

  • “All I want is a hug… seriously.”

  • Blasting its way onto the PlayStation 3 next May, inFamous follows the trials and tribulations of Cole, an Empire City resident who wakes after an earthquake to find his city in ruins. Cole emerges from the wreckage burdened with superpowers based on electricity and the knowledge that he may have caused the disaster and plunged Empire City into a gangland. An open, sandbox-style video game, inFamous gives control of Cole and his two remaining friends to the player, as they choose to help other survivors, or sacrifice everyone for the sake of their own survival. Interactive environments and electricity-based powers give the player the ability to manipulate the world in order to get to the bottom of the city’s current state.

  • Empire City is devoid of law and order and has become overrun by gangs.

  • Empire City; a shadow of its former self.

  • Don’t ask us how he’s managing to hold on.

  • Destructible environments at their finest.

  • Players can blast enemies directly with electricity, or utilise the surrounding environment to destroy targets.

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