6 upcoming horror games to die for

Six big bloodcurdling video games to get excited about!

  • #5: Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Aliens: Colonial Marines will detail the events of the unlucky rescue squad sent to rescue Ellen Ripley and the doomed crew of the U.S.S. Sulaco. Written after the events of Alien 3 by Battlestar Galactica wordsmiths Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, you'll play the roles of four Marines as they try to investigate the ship and survive the Alien onslaught.
    Some classic, disgusting monsters will make an appearance, including Facehuggers and Alien Queens, as you use both one-on-one combat and group tactics to avoid becoming alien kibble.
    With dark environments, a ship filled with bloodthirsty monsters, and only the barrel of a gun between you and a horrible death, Aliens: Colonial Marines should scare the Hell out of gamers next year.
  • #4: BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams / BioShock DLC

    Will we see a return to the world of Rapture? Only Take-Two's Marin Studio developers know, but the upcoming BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams has the huge, looming shadow of its predecessor to live up to.
    For everyone who can't wait until next year, there's a rapidly approaching challenge for the current BioShock in the form of new, horrifyingly difficult downloadable content. The "Challenge Room DLC" will pit your wits against tons of mind-bending puzzles, such as the Ferris Wheel challenge revealed at this year's E3.
    We're willing to bet that we'll be saving more than a few Little Sisters this winter, but what terrors of Rapture will be lurking in the dark shadows of these rooms?
  • #6: The House of the Dead: Overkill

    A classic horror franchise will claw its way onto the Wii as The House of the Dead takes the series back to its roots with Overkill.
    The eerie swamp-filled setting of Bayou City, Louisiana serves as the backdrop for Special Agent G's first mission, where hundreds of festering, rotting monsters will attempt to make jambalaya out of your brains.
    This terror-infused Wii shooter will make you literally fight for life by using the Wii controls for melee attacks, but the puss-filled icing on this bloody cake will be the ability to "bullet-time" the gameplay for gruesome headshots. The game also sports a deliciously B-movie-flavor that gets us hungry for this series' next house visit...
  • #2: Gears of War 2

    You might be wondering why we've included Epic Games' brutally-violent shooter in a list of horror-themed games, but what screams "horror" more than sawing in half your grotesque Locust enemies with a chainsaw?
    Gears of War 2 introduces a slew of nasty new enemies to butcher including the behemoth-sized Brumaks, unveiled in the first Gears of War as an enemy you didn't get to fight, disgusting gelatinous man-eating slugs called Rockworms, and even a hulking breed of Locusts that will try hack you to death with a meat cleaver.
    GoW2 may be more action-based than your traditional horror game, but you won't find a more fearsome roster of beasts in another game. On top of its interesting enemies, Gears of War 2 also empowers the player with the ability to engage in chainsaw fights where two characters grind their Lancers' chainsaw-bayonets together, furiously mashing buttons as sparks fly and the loser gets ripped to shreds.
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  • #3: Left 4 Dead

    It's hard to believe it's taken this long for a decent first-person shooter (arguably the most popular video game genre) centered around zombies to come out. From the creators of Half-Life comes this multiplayer bloodbath where you get the unique choice to play as either the living or the living dead.
    We've played an early version of the game, which isn't completely devoid of a few flaws, but we've got to say that Left 4 Dead is easily one of the best zombie-themed games we've experienced outside the Resident Evil franchise.
    The coolest thing about the game are incredibly inspired different zombie breeds in the game you can play as or against. There are fast-zombies, which pounce on victims, tearing them apart with their rotten teeth and hands, fat zombies that let out a flesh-melting stream of vomit that attracts other lesser zombies to go in for the kill, and several other zombie classes.
  • #1: Resident Evil 5

    The fifth chapter in Capcom's celebrated undead-massacring franchise may not be coming out until March of next year, but that doesn't make us any less excited to once again take on the series' parasite-ridden hordes which act suspiciously similar to the Spanish-speaking Los Ganados of Resident Evil 4.
    Resident Evil 5 is the first entry in the series to come to the Xbox 360 and PS3 and after seeing the game in action, trust us when we say that a Resident Evil has never looked better. It's little details, like the way slain enemies liquefy into pools of bubbling innards, that make us anxious to get our hands on the game.
    It also seems as though Capcom took notice of RE4's popularity as a number of things from that game are back in a slightly different form, such as a new sack-headed chainsaw swinging adversary and the same parasitic protrusions that erupt out of enemies' necks after you explode their heads with a bullet--only those foul tentacle-like growths are three times bigger this time around!
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