Touch screens come of age

All the latest in touch-screen technology.

  • The number of devices equipped with touch screens is growing every day.

    The iPhone is the product that brought touch screens to the masses. It can do almost anything you want a mobile phone to do: e-mail, call, SMS and browse the Web. Furthermore, it does so with a funky, intuitive and stylish touch-based interface. The iPhone is a great example of what this kind of technology is capable of and it is a lot of fun to use.

  • The iPhone.

  • Then there is what some people are calling the future of computing. Microsoft’s Surface, is a table-based computer with a touch-screen display. Imagine this simple dinner situation: You call for your bill and within seconds it appears, displayed on your table. You tally everything up, put down four separate credit cards and the table deducts the right amount from each of them. With Surface, this can be a reality.

  • Microsoft Surface.

  • The logical progression of both these devices is a TV-like display with touch-screen functionality and that’s exactly what the LG-Philips 52in multi-touch LCD display is. Multi-touch means it allows input from more than one place on the screen at once, much like the iPhone. It works by using infra-red sensors to detect input.

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