The 11 lamest blogs on the Web

After an Internet-wide search, here are the 11 blogs that depressed -- er, uh -- impressed us the most with their lameness.

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Lamest Attempt at Blog-Based Corporate Marketing

And the winner is: "The Jack Box Blog".
Jack in the Box isn't exactly synonymous with high-quality gourmet dining, and it appears the quick-and-easy standard carries over to its blog. "The Jack Box Blog," a MySpace site supposedly run by that strange ping-pong-ball-headed mascot, has about the same amount of intellect as the Jumbo Jack Burger has nutritional value.
"Will one of you hopeless romantics out there please write a poem about my ultimate cheeseburger?" one posting asks. "Two weeks ago after a long long day at work, I came home and ate 4 tacos, 2 jumbo jacks, onion rings and a diet soda. My all time record," muses another.
Setting aside the lack of any redeeming value for a reader, the very idea of this part-human, part-beast character operating a blog is a bit disturbing. I mean, what IS that guy? His bio says he was "born on a cattle ranch" with a "love for burgers and pretty women." Could it be Richard Gere hiding behind that bulbous bogus noggin?
One lame blog, please. To go.

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The 11 lamest blogs on the Web

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