The 11 lamest blogs on the Web

After an Internet-wide search, here are the 11 blogs that depressed -- er, uh -- impressed us the most with their lameness.

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Lamest Exclusion of Relevant Information in a Blog

And the winner is: "Stevens for Senate Committee Blog".
As Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was being convicted in October on seven counts of corruption--for lying about accepting gifts from an oil contractor, a charge that could result in substantial prison time--his official campaign blog was touting the "huge crowds" at his fundraisers and the "hero's welcome" he was receiving throughout his state.
Stevens may call it "strategy." We call it "lame."
When international headlines are filled with the fact that you've just become a convicted felon, how can you possibly not even mention it in your campaign blog? Sure, Stevens is a politician, and sure, he was actively running for office. But come on, Senator--peel away the blindfold. Everyone knows about the trial.
Isn't the point of a blog to serve as a personal forum, to let you communicate with the world? Might not the federal conviction be a relevant tidbit of info to include? Might not the blog provide you with a venue to do some damage control?
Then again, perhaps the Palinesque "sunny day" approach will pay off. At this writing, while the final absentee votes cast were being counted, Stevens was losing his Senate race by a slight margin--which may spare the Republican leadership of the Senate from forcing out one of their own. A Stevens victory, however--even one accompanied by incarceration--wouldn't make his blog any less lame.
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The 11 lamest blogs on the Web

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